Hotel Kimono, 2016

Short film

A young art student travels to the Japanese pearl island 'Mikimoto' to to research on female divers. In an act of loneliness and desire she steals a Kimono from a hotel and trough ink-puking, saltwater crawings and solo dance performances she transforms into a hybrid between squid and woman.

Hotel Kimono is an interdisciplinary art film project and collaboration between Danish and Japanese artist, musicians, performers and filmmakers. The film investigates female gaze, sensuality, transformation, performativity and sculpture.

Director & Performer: Anna Stahn
Producer: Maximilian Mayrshofer
DoP: Matthieu Hansen
Sound: Anders Hjortdal Andersen

In co-production with Espressionista Eyebrow. 
Supported by Aarhus FIlmworkshop and CAKI Fonden.