Stille, 2015

Short film

A young man on the edge of losing himself in superficial relationships and one-night stands. One morning, he wakes up with a new understanding of reality.

Director: Marco Franklin Stoltze
Producer: Maximilian Mayrshofer
Cinematographer: Filip Romac
Sound: Kristoffer Endresen
Composer: Niklas Ottander
Color Grading: Jonathan Lieb
Creative Consultant: Noan Storm
Production Assistant: Sebastian Søgård
Actors: Lior David Cohen, Michael Dohmann Chang, Anton Hjejle and Marie-Louise Damsgaard
Thanks to Martin Barnewitz, Mathilde Fjeldsøe, Copenhagen Filmworkshop

Festivals: Mix Copenhagen, XPOSED Queer Film Festival, Kortfilmfestivalen Grimstad

Watch the full film here.